MLTC Community PMPM

Here is a look at the MLTC Community Program highlighting trends over the last 3 years (2017-2019) in PMPM at the Statewide level. CDPAP has increased by 133% for the period and represents 35% of Gross Medical and Hospital Expenses in 2019. Owners of our DataSet can drill down deeper by Plan and Region to determine the drivers (Cost and/or Utilization) behind these and many other trends.

  • Tables and graphs created using our MLTC DataSet (appended) and User Created Measures.
  • You can find more tables by navigating to our MLTC, MMCOR, Demos and Operational Reports Pages
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Table 4C- Net Worth Reconciliation

Table 4C- from Medicaid Managed Care Operational Report for 2020 Q2 Period (February 3 — US Declares Public Health Emergency Covid-19.) Download a sample pdf and search for “Table 4C” to see this and other tables and data available.

This is an excel table created using Power Query, Power Pivot, Excel and our MMCOR 2020 Q2 DataSet. Owners of the DataSet could also filter for Plan (Plans file the same Values for all Regions).

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2018 Annual Data (Year End) is Here

We have received 2018 Annual Data for Medicaid Managed Care, Managed Long Term Care, DUAL, FIDA and MAP. We are processing the Data now into DataSets that can be easily appended to prior purchases to get the most up to date Data. If you want to see what Data and Metrics are reported in the 2018 Annual DataSet just scroll down and take a look at the Sample Annual PDFs you can download. Additionally we also have 2019 Q2 Data that we may be able to include with Annual DataSets.